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spring%20house_247x185.jpg Chill Out and Learn at New Roots Landscaping Nursery and Antiques Learn how to build a Terrarium! New Roots is located at 5117 N. Main (corner of Main and Winston St.) Please bring a folding chair if you can (limited seats available). Feel free to bring a finger food dish to share. Wine, beer, and water will be provided. The nursery will be beautiful so please come and enjoy this "Chill Out and Learn" with all your garden friends!

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1518 Ridgewood, Howell Residence Garden The garden club is venturing a little ways outside of the Heights to Montrose to visit the garden of Dee Howell. Dee was a horticulturist with the City of Houston for 28 years and with Harris County for 9 years before that. She has been gardening at the house on Ridgewood for 40 years. The 5 gallon trees that she planted years ago are now towering above the 2 story house and little by little the grass has given way to perennials. This is a gardener’s garden, full of specimen plants collected over a lifetime. The shaded front is full of a variety of blooming gingers, Persian shield, and trumpet flowers mixed with butterfly attractors such as buttonbush, cassia andor, wallichii (bridal veil), as well as Dutchman’s pipevine currently covered with swallowtail butterfly caterpillars.

The backyard is equally inviting. A comfortable and lived in covered deck looks out over a small, shaded garden home to many varieties of clerodendrums and begonias and landscaped with recycled materials. Small fountains with goldfish bubble on the deck. Hoya succulents in pots adorn the fence. Slightly hidden close by are compost bins and rain barrels. The drive way connecting the front and backyards is lined with potted vegetables. What a wonderful gardening adventure!

June Yard of the Month


1322 Harvard Yu Cha Pak has lived at 1322 Harvard, the June Yard of the Month, for 32 years. About 15 years ago after the usual problems with keeping up with watering and cinch bugs, she made the decision to convert her conventional St. Augustine front lawn to a rock garden. The result is a beautiful natural-looking garden: a mix of natives, exotics and other flowering plants. The plants she selects attract many pollinators. Plants include aloes, salvia, blue plumbago, coreopsis, vinca, day lilies, roses, purple cone flowers, and beautiful flame colored crocosmia. Some of her more unusual plants include papaya and castor bean.

Yu Cha is an artist, and as such she likes to experiment with a variety of plants and the display they make in her yard. She collects plants and seeds from her friends and on her travels. She especially loves to see how many of the plants she selects will thrive and propagate naturally. She also likes to keep track of the ‘volunteer’ plants that turn up in her yard, most likely spread through birds. One plant turned out to be watermelon, providing four melons.

We would like to thank Buchanan's Native Plants for the gift certificate presented to our Yard of the Month recipient.